off- the- cuff decision

was going to the INCUBUS concert in cologne yesterday! and i can say it was the right decision!! it was sooo awesome!!!! brandon really rocked the concert! and the annoying sound on my right ear is nearly gone! so don't wanna complain on that!  supporting act was fiN...i looked it up on youtube before..and i guess i hit the only quiet song they have..i thought it was something like william fitzsimmons...ha..totally wrong janina.....i really got hungry because of the bass in my stomache..so maybe you can imagine how "quiet" it really was! and when we left they played jouney's "don't stop believin'! so all in all a perfect night! would go there anytime again!
next stop is 30 seconds to mars on 29th november...will let you know if they can keep up with INCUBUS!!

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