next stop!

30 seconds to mars tonight!!! let's see if jared can really sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nice playsuit in a nice color from topshop

need a new phone?

take this one! the eyes are blinking when a call comes in! love it! freudenhaus

back from bella italia

really had a great time in rome! love this city!!! thx to my lovely friends julia & andrea for a wonderful time! can't wait to see you again soon!!!


i like, i like, i like...I WANT! celeb boutique 


off to roma..bella italia

i'm off to rome for some days...so no posting for this time...but stay tuned...will be back soon!

what i wanted to tell you...

funny bags from we make the cake

forget about the price tag?

don't think jessie j. was thinking about these heels while singing her song! it's all about money, money, money.....gucci

what's your name again?

looking like burberry but not paying the high price for it!  i love this shop!! celeb boutique

make your choice

anna dello russo is wearing the gorgeous star sequin dress from dolce & gabbana! but pretty much more affordable is the second one via celeb boutique

funny swimsuit

black milk



for this awesome, fantastic, gorgeous, lovely, perfect jacket from balmain . please don't make me sew every single sequin on my own jacket!!!

leo vs. zebra

super duper sneakers from diet butcher via oki-ni


cool shirt from gypsy 05! and even more cause it's on sale!

no skinny for j-lo!

pleeeeaaaase...who told her that would look good on her??? volunteer ahead! a big butt will stay a big butt...a skinny jeans DOES NOT make it look skinny!!! talking about it...some people should think about that fact too! looking like a stuffed sausage is NOT sexy!!!

welcome to america

too much to show your support? asos

yes mum...i really went to church

cool style

even though it's a faux leather jacket...love it! queen's wardrobe


fuck ugg

a great looking alternative for the everywhere you look wannabe ugg fringe boots (and yes...in the WINTER they are great & i am wearing them myself!)!! koolaburra

well done ms. paris!

pretty cool look paris hilton is wearing! love the skinny jeans in jet wet from siwy

a fake like you

who really cares besides maybe anna wintour that this one is NOT a  hermés bag...i like it!! urbaks

i want summer!!

and this top!!! for the brave..this dress!!!  jen's pirate booty

love, love, love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


soo many gorgeous dresses from the marchesa resort 2012 collection

in love

with the whole outfit but especially with this pink cape..get it here: queen's wardrobe

leather & studs

cool shopper from urban outfitters


angry birds

i don't know if they really wanted them to look angry but they definetly do...don't you think? river island

picasso would have been jealous

charles & marie


oversized sweater from queen's wardrobe

dear santa claus

can i get at least one of these pumps????? please!?

i wouldn't be too mad if you decide to bring both! just to let you know!

saving energy

with these funny candles!! charles & marie

golden times

skirt from topshop