red swan

i guess natalie portman would've loved to dance in these louboutin shoes. thank god they were only made to raise some money for the english national ballet

ooops she did it again

heidi klum hostet her legendary halloween party and dwarfed all her costumes she was wearing before...what will we see next year? can't imagine!!

sm suit for the winter

they want to stay warm too...by freddie robins

missoni like

cardigan from monsoon

heavy metal

nice metallic tube skirt from river island

meet me under the christmas tree

i will be waiting...burberry

give it to me baby..aha aha

wohoo..all in one..rhinestones, studs and gold...well done mr. christian louboutin

hidden message

seeing her nails with a friendly message like that makes me even more believe that she truly regrets her mistakes..ya..sure..whatever..still funny..:!!

let's make a fairy jealous

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful dress by roberto cavalli

fraggle rock

halloween yarn monster dress by devani weaver

thumps down beyonce

only one person is putting her thumps up for these strange tassel sunglasses...and it's beyonce herself..well..good luck!

funny men sweater

well..still fighting with myself if i like the sweater or not...decide! sibling london

no more trouble with knitting...

pink knitwear dress by jemma sykes

skull chain

victorian metal lace clutch

patricia field

pretty woman...

...walking down the streets! honestly..first thought?? tripp nyc

paparazzi shades

embarrassing photo protective shades from urban outfitters! i like

gold is the new black

super duper sparkling cardigan from victoria's secret


fake snake

triple cobra ring...patricia field

alien wig

go or no go?

new givenchy fall 2011 panther glasses...available in a  black velvet, yellow, navy, plum and a faux fur trimmed version (574$ - 640$)

golden rules...

need more? urban outfitters

golden times....

that's what you will have while wearing these gorgeous boots from alexander mcqueen

more people should do...

wild side

legging from victoria's secret

reality tv...

sometimes i already feel like wearing tv sunglasses...a bad movie playing......jeremy scott



all i want for christmas is youuuuuuuu

and you 

and you

don't know how many "and you" the songs really has but i guess there is room for more!!!

golden python

do i really have to say something? can't find the right words for it...just WOW! jimmy choo

must be talking to an angel

miranda kerr made the run...she had the privileg to wear the 2.5 million dollar bra from victoria's secret..guess the other angels were not amused...maybe that's why it's raining all the time

not for the first date with his parents...

but definetly a dress to get a first date with whomever you want...victoria's secret

wear with ....

...rough boots and leather jacket in the daytime and with heels in black, red, blue, pink, green..whatever... at night. whyred melly

easy halloween costume

cool sweater from daydreamer la

marlene is back...

..and named nora from monki

go girl go...

these futuristic sunglasses reminds me a bit of a football helmet..don't you think? jeremy scott

not only for halloween

i really love the colors..of the wig, the corset and the skirt...patricia field

time for some look alike leather


pamper your feet

i totally love my airstep boots in grey...but this color is also pretty awesome..don't you think?

walking on air

love these boots from airstep


cool leather jacket from diesel

be stupid


lady nogo

i think lady gaga is pretty cool...but honestly.,..what the hell was she thinking wearing this "outfit"? let's share some clothes today...one half for me and one half for you!

sorry..can't hear you....but it's sooo good looking

The molami headphones are minimalist and geometric in their shapes and forms, yet luxurious in their materials as they are made of black or white nappa leather, stingray, silk and 18k gold-plated finishes