are you fucking kidding me??

i promise you...put it in your bathroom and you will hear all kinds of laughter!! and some might come out with unwashed hands!!

hot or not?

still can't decide. what do you think? romwe

available online now

i showed you this dress earlier from the lookbook of gestuz...now you can buy it online at nelly

balmain for pocahontas

she would have loved them!! balmain

stop the confusion

winter is still not over


prices, prices, prices

this cardigan from juicy couture is on sale for 149€ at jades24.com...down from 219€..honestly? i saw it for 39€ at tk maxx ...so always keep your eyes open!!

war is over

love this shirt from wildfox

they've stolen my pants!!!

ha..can you believe this! not long ago i was looking for pants on ebay and look what i found!!! my first thought was "what the hell are my pants doing on ebay??" and then i recognised tripp nyc made one pretty, pretty close to my design! screw you tripp nyc!!!!