italian brand

found this nice brand called mangano! they really have some cool stuff! totaly fell in love with the last leather jacket!

prank boxes

i know that all this is fake and only empty boxes..but goddammit...i want all of them!! for real! can somebody please work on that??? prank pack! still fun to see the faces of the people who get one..haha


merry christmas

christmas is not my fav time of the year..but for those who love it..merry christmas..may you have a great time with your beloved ones!


don't try this at home

just a few worst dressed people in my opinion..the list could go on and on...but i guess this gives you a little direction how to dress...NOT!


create your polish

this is really cool! at nails inc london you can create your own polish! from cab over color and box! pretty nice gift!

abercrombie & bitch

since i don't like the hype around abercrombie & fitch i thought it was time to make a little statement shirt...and here we go! like?


i like

bag from diane von fürstenberg

deo perfume candy??????

what can i say? i'm not really sure if i wanna try this new nutricosmetics. it's already a big hype in the usa...but that has nothing to say...they love guns too (sorry..but it's sad & true)! this deo perfume candy promises to make your sweat smell like roses. if this really works and doesn't taste like crap i definitely wanna get it. so if somebody already tried it out..just let me know! get the deo candy here

glitter for new years eve

sequin dress from gina tricot


winter is finally here

this is how it actually looks right now in front of my door! love the snow when i don't have to leave the house! so today it's fine...more or less!


nice wool coat with some color details from oasap


golden eye

who says you can't combine gold with gold? only if you don't know how to do it! vintagevirgin definately knows how to! i totally love this all over gold look..for me it just fits perfectly together!! well done ms.! to see more of her cool style visit her blog! it's worth it!

snake around

cool sneakers from giuseppe zanotti


new years eve is coming

and THIS is what i wanna wear! i really need to!!! i'm not kidding...so stop laughing! seriously...holy fuck..bikerstyle, leather and sequins...i guess if i would be a pair of pants i would exactly look like these gorgeous pants from philipp plein

love the color and style

leather jacket from miss selfridge! I NEED(note for santa)!!!

cardigan love

you can never ever have enough cardigans..this one from miss selfridge is a nice one

showing a little bit of color

..during those gray dark winter days with this lovely cardigan from free people

if you wanna go diving

you should get yourself one of the neopren bags from leghila. lot more colors available

comfy tee

over-oversize tee from nastygal

that day will come...

...that you are happy to have that voodoo doll!! get it here