real or not???

i'm still starring at these bags from jump from paper and still can't believe they're real! don't you think they look like comic illustrations?? crazy!!!!!


love the look

this outfit is just sooo damn easygoing...you just have to love it! found it somewhere on the internet....jacket and pants are both from zara


oh please nooooo

this is a joke i hope...this really is meant to be a MEN sneaker!!! serioulsy?? i really hope i will never ever see someone walking around in these adidas by jeremy scott freaky shoes! although i'm pretty sure people in tokyo will love them!


golden eye

love these golden sneaker boots from dr. martens

diy tee

was a little bored over the weekend so i decided to make myself a new shirt..a blank tee and some airbrush color and here we go..rock'n'roll marilyn!!


i NEED this helmet!!!

how cool is that? a mirror disco ball helmet! if you can't spend the 580€ for the one from ilil check out the diy   i found!


you must be kidding

just heard that there is a new discussion going on about kate upton! can't believe what i heard! people honestly have the opinion that this pretty model is FAT?!?!?! seriously? what's wrong with you guys? that's what you call fat? can't believe this! really makes me angry! i wish i would have a body like her..seems like you can make a lot of money with it! i really wanna see the people who call her fat..honestly..show yourself! you are freaking sick!
do you really wanna see girls like that ---->

I DON'T! this looks more like a freakshow! so stop yelling out this bullshit and stop making young girls getting an eating disorder