airbrush legs

since i got a very pale skin i wanted to try out this leg make up. all i can say is that I LOVE IT! it's easy to spray on and get a nice color without streaking. it's also waterproof but you should not go into water for hours..then it might get blotchy! bought this one in a drugstore in florida. my luck i took more than one bottle ;o)

and for the german girls...get this one at douglas..also a great one..tried this one out first

i've seen this before

looks like they made a blouse out off the scarves of alexander mcqueen..but in my opinion well done! nastygal

shy one

nice dress with sequins from new look

like a princess

pink babydoll dress....unfortunaly made of 100% polyester..but i guess it's fine for one night out...new look


that's a really cool headband...don't know if i would wear it at day but i guess it would look great at a party...maybe something for new years eve!!! janine basil! by the way..love the hair color!!!

chanel biker